4 Natural Deodorants That Actually Work

Deodorant isn’t something that’s often talked about in men’s or women’s locker rooms. Usually it’s either a quick afterthought or something you don’t even remember applying because it’s so ingrained into your routine. Just a quick swipe, and then back into your gym bag or medicine cabinet the deodorant goes. But deodorant deserves to be talked about — especially natural deodorant.



Malin + Goetz Eucalyptus Deodorant

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After testing more than 20 different deodorants, this is the one we keep picking up every morning. The smell is calming and not overwhelming. It goes on clear, stays clear, and feels like a regular deodorant. Plus, we can actually make it through a whole work day without needing to reapply.
The one caveat: This pick does foam a little with excessive sweating, so you might want to keep a heavier-duty deodorant in your gym bag if you’re an exerciser who pushes the limits.



Soapwalla Organic/Vegan Deodorant Cream

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Soapwalla is one of the OGs in the natural deodorant market, so they’ve had years to perfect their cream formula. The formula uses vegetable powders, clay, and essential oils to absorb moisture and combat bacteria. We think the cream is a little bit rough to apply, but the odor protection is amazing. We took this for a spin during an outdoor run and returned with pits fresh as daisies.


Tom’s of Maine Natural Long Lasting Deodorant

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Our biggest problem with using natural deodorants before going to the gym is that they tend to foam and turn white when any kind of underarm sweating happens. It’s a little awkward when you notice it on yourself, but even more uncomfortable when someone else looks at you and says, “Hey, what’s on your arms?” But we’re happy to report that this pick from TOMS doesn’t foam at all and does a decent job at covering up odor, too.



Jasmine Grapefruit Organic Deodorant

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We’ve always been hesitant to use spray deodorants for fear that they would sting if applied right after shaving, but we’re happy to report that this one didn’t sting at all. The formula is made with a blend of essential oils designed to reduce perspiration and control underarm bacteria. Well, the blend works. We wore this pick to the gym and found it was better at covering up odor than several of the stick deodorants we tested.
It comes in two scents: lemon sage and jasmine grapefruit. Both smell amazing! It’s also worth noting that this spray comes in a glass bottle that’s not TSA-approved, so it’s a deodorant that will have to stay in your medicine cabinet.