5 Best Double Strollers of 2018

Whether you have twins or you’re expecting a new addition, there’s a double stroller perfect for your family, lifestyle, and budget. Get ready to prep for some double trouble! Not sure which style stroller is right for your family? Here are a few things to consider:

Side-by-Side Stroller: This stroller is the perfect pick for a family with twins. The side-by-side function typically indicates that both seating areas are equal or extremely similar, so it’s perfect for two kids that are about the same size.

Double Jogging Stroller: This is the best choice for an active family with two tots around the same age. Yes, jogging while pushing two tots instead of one will give you extra conditioning, but double joggers are also perfect for smooth strolls on rougher terrain.

Tandem (or In-Line) Double Stroller: This stroller type typically features a build with one seat in the front and one in the back. It’s an ideal stroller for twins or siblings close in age, but be aware that each seat could be slightly different.

Sit-and-Stand Stroller: When there’s a bigger age gap, a sit-and-stand stroller is something to consider. While the younger one sits tight, the older one can stand. The coolest part? It’s a great bonding experience for the older kid, who will feel involved with pushing — even though you’re doing all of the work.

Umbrella Double Stroller: If you’re looking for a double stroller that’s lightweight and super portable, an umbrella option might be the best choice. It’s perfect for vacations because it can be folded completely and tucked away easily.

1. Chicco Echo Twin Stroller

Going on vacation? This affordable side-by-side has a compact fold and carrying handle, taking you from the airport to Disneyland and back with ease. The slim profile fits through standard door frames, too, so you can keep it moving. Honestly, you’ll love it even if you’re not on vacation.

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2. Zoe Lightweight Tandem Stroller System
This sleek, lightweight tandem stroller seriously makes a statement. If you have two tots to travel with, this is the best option you have to make strolling and storage look almost glam. The steep black canopies will offer your babes protection when they want to take a nap and zone out what’s going on in their environment.
Though it’s a double-stroller system, the umbrella functionality makes it possible to transform the tandem into something compact within seconds.

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3. Graco Ready2Grow Click Connect LX Stroller
If your kids are more than 2 years apart, a stand-and-ride stroller gives you the option to use an infant car seat for your new baby while your older tot rides on the standing platform.
The removable tray has plenty of room to hold two cups (or bottles!) and snacks, so your kids don’t get hangry on the go. The wheels will swivel easily at every turn, but they’ll lock forward for stable strolling on rougher terrain.

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4. Bob Revolution Flex Duallie Stroller
Oh, the Bob! A beloved stroller brand for over 20 years, this double jogger will keep kids comfortable and balanced as you squeeze your morning workout in. Feel free to go “off-roading” with your stroller, too — these air-filled wheels won’t let you down.
You’ll love the total control, too, because the front wheel swivels with ease as you navigate a trail, but it also locks forward for increased stability when you want it. You’ll feel like a warrior pushing this stroller. Luckily, it folds in just two steps, so you won’t struggle when it’s time to break it down.

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5. Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller
This front-and-back-seat stroller is the perfect pick for your morning workout or afternoon stroll. The design of the stroller will have you moving along a narrow path struggle-free, and the seats are super comfortable for your kiddos.
We love the spacious basket for storage at the base of the stroller. Plus, it’s pretty cool that this tandem option was designed with the capability of safely having one kiddo stand in the back, too.

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