5 Eco-Friendly Smartphone Cases That We Like

You may not think of your tech products as disposable, but the cases that help protect them are typically meant to be swapped out and tossed when they start to deteriorate, creating a lot of plastic waste. Fortunately, a number of tech accessory brands offer protective cases made from responsibly sourced materials like flax, cork, and recycled bottles.


Tech21 Protective Apple iPhone 11 Pro Ultra Thin Cover

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The tech21 Pure Clear case is the best option for showcasing your smartphone the eco-friendly way. More than a third of each cover is made using responsibly sourced, plant-based materials. The accessory is available for the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro Max, as well as many other smartphone models. According to its maker, the impressively slim Pure Clear case can protect your phone from 10-foot drops. The cover also has a self-healing coating, which will eliminate the pesky small scratches that are typical for many clear cases.



Pela Phone Case for iPhone 11

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The smartphone cases by Pela are plant-based and fully compostable. The brand will even take back its products to help you dispose of them properly if necessary. Pela Case also donates 1% of its revenue to nonprofit organizations that care for the environment. Each accessory has a soft texture and a slim profile that won’t add unnecessary bulk to your phone. It offers excellent protection from accidental drops and scratches.



Urban Armor Gear Outback Case for iPhone 11

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The Outback case by Urban Armor Gear has utilitarian design, and a surprisingly thin, impressively lightweight build. Crafted from plant-based materials, the accessory is biodegradable and compostable. Like all of the brand’s smartphone and tablet cases, the Outback offers superb defense from drops — its build meets military drop-test standards. The eco-friendly phone case has a shock-absorbing honeycomb interior along with a raised camera and display bevel for enhanced protection.



15:21 Cork Case of iPhone 11

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The handcrafted 15:21 case is easily the most stylish option on this list. Each cover is crafted from natural cork. Sourcing the material doesn’t require cutting down trees — they actually absorb more carbon dioxide while they are regrowing their bark. The process is also incredibly energy-efficient. Each 15:21 case has an impressively thin profile and exceptional tactility. It has a hypoallergenic finish and it offers unobstructed access to all ports and buttons of the smartphone. It’s also durable and resistant to scratches.



Incipio Organicore Case for Samsung

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The Incipio Organicore case is made from 100% compostable, plant-based materials. The cover has a slim profile and a nice texture to prevent you from accidentally dropping your phone. According to Incipio, these eco-friendly phone cases can protect your device from 6-foot drops, which is enough for even the most accident-prone users out there. The Organicore cases are available for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy smartphones in several eye-catching finishes. Some of them have equally memorable names, like deep pine and oatmeal beige.