6 Cool Things People Are Buying on Internet

Once you go beyond books and toiletries, this online superstore can be a very bizarre place.


1. Menu Two-Pack Bottle Grinder

 Buy For $51.81

These gorgeous salt and pepper shakers (which come in a variety of sleek colors) are probably going to steal the show at your next dinner party. We love the minimalism of their shape, but the colors are what really caught our eyes.




2. Funko POP Severus Snape Action Figure

Buy For $27.00

If you’re a fan of Harry Potter (lol …”if”), you will probably *die* over this adorable Severus Snape Funko POP. You can actually collect most of the main characters from the books (which are designed after the actors that play them in movies), but be careful — once you get your first POP, you may develop an addiction.



3. Umbra Casa Tissue Box Cover

Buy For  $8.00

Give your tissues a house to live in with this cute little cover. It comes in a variety of colors, and it would be a cute and playful way to add a little character to your (probably) bland work desk!




 4. Merlin Cardboard Unicorn Head

Buy For $60.00

taxidermy look but you’re weirded out by having a dead animal on your wall, go for this cardboard unicorn! It won’t make you uncomfortable at all considering that a) it’s cardboard, and b) unicorns are not real (though in our hearts, they are).



5. Oenophilia Bali Wine Rack

Buy For $52.00

You don’t need a fancy AF wine cellar to look like a real adult! Get one of these intriguing wine racks that will make any kitchen look like it belongs to an actual grown-up.




6. Telechron Spindle Wall Clock

Buy For $96.00

Wall clocks are one of those things no one thinks they need anymore because the constant presence of our phones have made them obsolete. But we disagree! Clocks (like this one) are a beautiful way to decorate, and on those nights you decide to put your phone away for a damn minute, you’ll appreciate knowing what time it is after you’ve gotten lost in the endless stream of Netflix episodes that just keep popping up.