A Blanket-Hoodie Hybrid Is Here, and It’s Like I’ll Never Have to Get Out of Bed Again

I love nothing more than lounging around in a hoodie, but The Comfy takes relaxing to a whole new level.

You might have seen the episode of Shark Tank where Brian and Michael Speciale presented their invention of The Comfy — a giant blanket meets giant sweatshirt — and walked away with a deal from Barbara Corcoran. TBH, when I first saw it, I thought it was like a Snuggie 2.0.

I, of course, fell for the Snuggie and bought one when they became all the rage at the end of 2008. It was comfortable, but it had its flaws: It was crazy long and hard to walk around in (I was 6’ 1” at the time), the sleeves always draped way past your hands, and your back always got cold if you weren’t sitting against the back of the couch. It was like you had to be laying down — not moving — for it to work. After about a month’s use, I retired it to the closet and haven’t taken it out since.

Fast forward a decade later to The Comfy (cue angelic chorus). I gave in and bought one because they honestly looked like something I could live all my days in. Plus, it’s only $39.99. When I first put it on, I was immediately in love. It’s big so that it’s one-size-fits-most. It has an oversized hood, wide arms, a giant front pocket, and best of all, cuffs around the wrists. It’s just like a normal hoodie but bigger (to tuck your knees in) and much softer. It also comes in four different colors — blue, gray, pink, and black.

The Comfy was delivered to my office and I put it on right away. It immediately drew attention and had coworkers asking about it, and I could sense their pangs of jealousy. I kept it on the rest of the day. A perk of working for a product-review website: You can consider it all in the name of testing. It was so cozy that I didn’t know if I should leave it at the office to enjoy wearing at my desk, or take it home for my nightly 3 hours of Bravo. I opted for the latter, but may need to order another just to keep at work.

The Comfy Blanket-Sweatshirt

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