Anything’s Achievable This School Year With the Right Student Planner

Why rely on a phone alarm to tell you out of the blue when a huge project is due? When it comes to keeping school assignments straight, we’ll opt for analog over digital every time. This isn’t just our preference, though. According to the experts, handwriting tasks, notes, and reminders sticks to the brain better than the digital alternative. Prep for your school year with our 10 different student planners to help keep your productivity on point.



2019-2020 Academic Planner

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This student planner combines old-school sophistication with modern convenience. The cover design is classically minimal, with an elastic-band closure and pen holder at the spine, to keep everything neatly together.
The interior page layout is similarly straightforward, offering weekly and monthly page views with plenty of lined and blank space to write, cross-out, and rewrite.



Panda Planner

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Undated planners are gaining popularity, and this one lets you keep track of way more than just your day-to-day schedule. The top-rated Panda Planner includes daily, weekly, and monthly pages, all designed with the goal-oriented user in mind. It helps you break big goals into smaller tasks and lets you get as granular as you’d like with your long-term planning.




Blue Sky 2019-2020 Academic Year Weekly & Monthly Planner

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This notebook-sized student planner from Blue Sky helps you plan your projects by week, while also including a bird’s-eye view of the entire month when you open it to each tab. It also provides more than enough space for writing down due dates and monthly appointments, and it lays everything out neatly on a clean-lined spread.




HARDCOVER Academic Year 2019-2020 Planner

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This is one student planner that’ll still look as good as it did on day one by the time final exams roll around! Its front and back covers are super thick and durable, and while that does add a little extra weight, it prevents the agenda from getting mangled in your book bag. It features traditional monthly and weekly date views and tabbed months for easy date-finding.It even comes with a clip-in bookmark, so you don’t have to worry about losing your place!