Apple Watch Replica and its Clone – Where to Buy?

Owning an Apple product is a charm but not all are willing to afford an Apple product, especially when there are cheaper substitutes available. Apple Watch, the latest product from the house of Apple Inc. has created much hype in the market but the customers need to think for a while before buying the same, is it worth the price?

However, they can go for an Apple Watch Clone from the brand HOYAT. The HOYAT IWO6 smartwatch is loaded with features and clashes in terms of design with the Apple iWatch.
Clones of Apple Watch that cost less than USD100

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The smartwatch supports a number of languages including French, Arabic, Hebrew, English, Japanese, Italian and many more. The watch is packed with features all accessible to the user on a 1.54-inch touchscreen. The resolution of the screen is 240 by 240. However, the watch does not feature any sim card slot nor does it have a GPS facility. The watch runs on a Mediatek MTK2502C processor which is crisp to use. The phone features a 128 GB RAM and comes with a detachable strap which is made of silica gel and this makes it durable. The battery capacity of the watch is 300-450 mAh.

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The watch contains some essential health tracking features like pedometer, sleep monitor, sedentary remind etc. which makes it one of the best devices for health tracking features. The watch can be used as a remote to control the smart phone camera of the user. This can be a great hack while taking selfies. The camera also synchronises with the music on the smart phone of the user and supports MP3 ring. However, the product uses Bluetooth 3.0 and 4.0 to connect to the smart phones. The IWO 2 watch also extends support to recording functions, alarm clock, calculator, world time, stop watch and many more essential applications that can come handy. The users can also view their social media alerts using this watch without having to look at the phone every time.

The newer model has some more advanced features that make using the watch a charm. One of the best new feature is the ECG data analysis. Although not accurate, this can give an approximate body analysis at an instant. The modified watch strap is detachable and swapped with straps of other colours. One of the best features is that the screen glows whenever the user lifts his wrist which eliminates the need to press the button to wake the device up. It also sports some other great gesture functions that enhance the usability of this Apple clone watch.

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Apple Watch Straps

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The watch is a great option if the budget is limited and getting an iWatch is a fantasy. The features loaded on the device make it worth all the bucks the customers are charged for. The customers can also choose from a variety of strap materials and colors as per their choice. It has received great reviews and feedbacks from all consumer forums and is definitely worth an investment.

Note: No pictures to show how amazing the watch is due to images violation.