Baby Gifts New Parents Really Want

New parents can use all the help they can get when they have a baby on the way. As a new parent, it’s hard to wrap your head around all the things you’ll need to take care of your little one: crib sheets, baby-safe bath soap, toys, clothes, and so much more. Gift them something they’ll really be able to use — and forever grateful for — that’ll ease them into parenthood.


QuickZip Crib Sheet Set

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Gift this innovative crib sheet design that’ll save new parents from wrestling with their baby’s mattress when it comes time to swap the sheets. Instead, they’ll simply zip the top portion of the sheet off before washing! There are different options in six different colors and patterns to choose from.




Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottle

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This must-have baby bottle has more than 2,000 positive reviews on Amazon, and honestly, we’re surprised there aren’t more! New moms and dads love being gifted these silicone bottles that are easy to clean and feed baby with.




Felt Letter Board

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Aside from the fact that all the mom bloggers are doing it, a new mom will love getting gifted this felt letter board. She can entertain herself while the baby is settling down in the crib. She can write whatever she wants and then post it on Instagram! #LetterBoard




BirdRock Baby Moccasins

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You can’t go wrong gifting a pair of these adorable moccasins. No matter what baby you’re shopping for, you’ll find the perfect pair because they come in tons of different colors and patterns.





Shynerk Baby Car Mirror

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New parents will be able to keep an eye on their new bundle of joy even in the car. This mirror attaches to the rear seat’s headrest, so you’ll be able to see their smile from their rearview mirror.





The Beebo

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Any new mama or papa will be thrilled if you give them a Beebo. The device simply hangs over your shoulder to hold your baby’s bottle (of any size!) in place during a feeding, so Mom or Dad’s hands can be free. What a serious game-changer!