Best brands of electric bicycles available on AliExpress

One of the reasons we can find cheaper electric bicycles on AliExpress is because in China, the bicycle is one of the most popular methods of transport and its prices must be accessible. So there are many Chinese brands with rich experience in bicycle manufacturing that have launched economic electric bikes.

In fact, you will see that some of these Chinese brands are recognized internationally since it is a very new sector. Decathlon electric bikes are very popular in Europe but their prices are unaffordable. So the bicycle brands that we are going to show you below have found a niche in the market and can be bought cheaper on AliExpress.


The famous Chinese brand Xiaomi has become popular for its great value for money products. In terms of electric mobility, it is very popular for its famous electric scooters. But their electric bikes do not disappoint us. Xiaomi electric bikes are foldable and very resistant.

They have a range of up to 45 mi. and offer engine assistance up to 15 mph, immediately activating when they sense activity on the bottom bracket thanks to its torque sensor. They fold easily and come with an integrated front and rear light plus an LCD screen. You can find them on AliExpress.

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It took Xiaomi a short time to realize the great potential of electric bicycles, so they have launched a new brand specialized in this type of vehicle. Under the name Himo you will find the latest innovations in Xiaomi electric bicycles, at a lower price.

This brand is specializing in compact folding electric bikes, some even fit in a backpack. One of its best-selling models is characterized by being cheaper than the Xiaomi, with a range of up to 50 mi., motor assistance up to 15 mph, electric and hybrid driving mode, high-quality frame, Shimano 6-speed gearbox., double braking system…

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However, the prices of Xiaomi or Himo bikes are still somewhat high. That is why Fiido has become the best alternative to the famous Chinese brand, since it has very similar characteristics but its bikes cost almost half.

Not only that, their bikes also have more autonomy and more speed than Xiaomi. They have several models, some models are electric mountain bikes although the best-sellers are urban folding (some are so compact that they can also be stored in a backpack). They all have a 250W motor in common and operate in electric mode at a speed of up to 15 mph.

In electric mountain bikes we can find a Shimano transmission system with 7 speeds, front suspension and fat wheels in the purest “fat bike” style for practicing mtb. On the other hand, urban bikes have 16-inch wheels, 6-speed gearbox and fold easily.

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Sheng Milo

But if you are looking for an electric mountain bike, you will know that they are quite expensive. Orbea, Specialized, Giant or Scott electric bikes are exorbitantly priced and there are few inexpensive alternatives. In this case AliExpress becomes one of the best options, since there are brands specialized in this type of electric bicycles.

A good example is the Sheng Milo brand bikes. It is one of the brands that have the most sales in terms of electric mountain bikes, because it also has warehouses abroad and tax-free shipping agreements for the United States, Europe, Canada, Japan, or South Korea.

Their electric mtb bikes have powerful 1000 W motors, purely electric or hybrid riding mode, LCD display, large capacity battery up to 25 mi. in electric mode, Shimano 7-speed transmission, front and rear fork… Besides, they fold up for easier storage.

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