Best Ski & Snowboard Waxes for 2018

When it comes to waxing and edging your snowboard or skis, most shops recommend getting it done after every 5 days on the mountain. However, if you ride all day long in varied conditions or on machine-made snow, your board may start to feel slower as early as the second day.

Over time, taking your equipment to get tuned can get really expensive, and it’s really not that difficult to do yourself, so you might as well learn! There are portable waxes that you can rub on while on the go, and there are also hot wax blends that will seriously increase your speed. If you’re using a hot wax, all you have to do is glide the wax against a hot iron and let it drip over your snowboard or skis, smooth it out, and wait for it to dry.

Check out our list of the best snowboard wax for all temperatures, and keep your board (or skis) ready to rip all season long.

1. Choad Cheese Snowboard and Ski Hot Wax
This hot ski-and-snowboard wax boasts a sick name for a sick mountain game. Too fast for your mom, you’ll appreciate 1 full pound of this wax that’s been formulated for those with a need for serious speed. It’s nontoxic and made in Portland, bro. Plus, since it’s made for riders by riders, it’s been tested in just about every kind of condition. Use a snowboard-waxing iron to melt this good stuff on.

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2. Mr. Zogs Private Formula Snowboard Sex Wax
When you know, you know. This sex wax will change the game when it comes to snowboard tuning from here on out. Mr. Zogs is known for their surfboard sex wax, so naturally, the brand created a private formula that’s perfect for the winter elements. You’re welcome.

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 3. Demon Hyper X Wax

The original blend for this wax was developed in the early ’90s in Southern California, and it’s still made there today. Ready, speed demon? This wax will give you a smooth glide at a swift pace that will pump your adrenaline.

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 4. ZUMWax Rub-On Snowboard Wax

It doesn’t get much easier than this pocket-sized rub-on wax. Simply remove the cap, cover your skis or snowboard with wax, then buff it in with the attached cork top. This is an easy on-the-go option to keep your base quick between monthly hot waxes.

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 5. One Ball Jay X Wax 5-Pack Assorted Temp Snowboard Wax

Each of the five colors in this kit serves a different purpose. They’re classified by temperature, ranging from 12 below to 32 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can tailor your wax to the conditions you’ll be riding in and get the best possible performance from your skis or snowboard.

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