Best Training Bras for Your Tweens

It’s that magical time where your sweet baby girl starts her journey into being an independent big girl. While puberty is the gift that will not stop giving, one of the joys is growing breasts for the first time. Every girl is different and will have breasts that vary in shape and size, as well as the timeframe of when they begin to grow.

One thing that’s for certain, though: Your growing sweetie will need a training bra to get them used to wearing one. Her training bra should be comfortable enough that she wants to wear it every day while also offering enough coverage and support that she feels secure and confident. We’ve rounded up the best training bras for your tween and teen girls.


Hanes Big Girl’s Seamless Foam Bra, Pack of 2

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In the very beginning, your tween’s breasts may feel awkward and annoying as they don’t typically grow in perfectly symmetrical. The Hanes Big Girl’s Foam Bra has removable foam cups that add shape while still maintaining an age-appropriate level of modesty.



Maidenform Girl Slim V-Neck Seamless Bra

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Comfortable and supportive, this Maidenform Girl Big Girls’ Slim Seamless V-Neck Bra will look great under all of her clothes. If she is still getting used to the idea of wearing a bra, the seamless and wireless design will make her feel like she isn’t even wearing one at all!



Alyce Intimates Seamless Girls Bra with Lace Trim, Pack of 6

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Who says that training bras have to be all business? These seamless girls bras from Alyce Intimates are soft and comfortable with a stretchy band that won’t dig into her skin or roll up all day long. The removable foam adds a flattering shape that is totally appropriate for your tween’s age. She will love them because the trendy designs are irresistible!



Fruit of the Loom Cotton Built-up Bra, Pack of 3

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Whipping out a bra with underwire, cups, and a thousand straps going every which way can be far too intimidating for your little beginner. These Fruit of the Loom Girl’s Big Cotton Bras are the perfect starter bras. The ribbed band adds support and comfort while the thick straps and breathable cotton offer freedom to move and play without restrictions.



Trimfit Big Girls’ Lightly Lined Wirefree Cotton Bra, Pack of 2

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While the standard training bras are great to get your sweetie used to wearing one, a V-neck bra is essential to wear underneath dresses and some shirts. This Trimfit Big Girls’ Lightly Lined Wirefree bra is a comfy, form-fitting bra that won’t peek out of the top of her shirt or dress.