Bleachers Are a Pain in the Ass — Use One of These Stadium Seats Instead!

Nothing ruins game day like an aching butt from those uncomfortable bleachers. That’s why we’ve compared more than 15 different stadium seats to find the best ones to take to your next event. Whether you’re rooting for your child in the bleachers, or have lawn tickets at the amphitheater, these seats are easy to travel with and are surprisingly quite comfortable. They’ll take regular old bleachers from cold and cruel to comfortable and cool. Plus, your back won’t be sore the next day, either! Shop our favorite picks below!


ONIVA Ventura Stadium Seat

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If you’re on the hunt for the perfect stadium seat, you can’t go wrong with this one from ONIVA. It folds flat for easy transport, is lightweight, and has convenient backpack straps to keep your hands free when you’re walking to and from the venue.
We appreciate its water-resistant underside, which makes it suitable for sitting on the ground. Plus, it has a zippered pocket for storing your keys or some snacks. The Ventura was Your Best Digs’ best overall pick for its comfort, great back support, and arm rests. The chair comes in several different colors and patterns. If you want some more room, its armrests can be inverted. Best of all, it’s backed by a lifetime warranty!


RIO Gear My Pod Bleacher Seat

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If you’d rather take your hard earned cash and put it toward season tickets over a bleacher seat, consider the RIO Gear My Pod seat. This option lacks arm rests and isn’t as padded as our top pick, but it’s significantly cheaper.
This option still straps tightly to bleachers, has a convenient carrying strap, and can withstand the rain. Our favorite feature is that it has two heat-pad pockets where you can stow two disposable heating pads to keep your buns nice and warm on those cold Friday night football games. You have a choice of red, black, or blue. Two heating pads are included with the seat!


The Hot Seat Heated Stadium Bleacher Seat

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Born after a successful Kickstarter campaign, this splurge-worthy option will without a doubt be the best seat in the stadium. The aptly named Hot Seat warms up to 115 degrees Fahrenheit by plugging it in to a portable battery. It’s perfect for the ultimate fan who never misses a game — rain or shine!
This option is about the size of a first class seat on an airplane. It has a padded base, back, and armrests. There’s even a cupholder to keep your beverage handy and free from spills. It’s also outfitted with plenty of compartments for your snacks, too.


Flash Furniture Grandstand Comfort Seats

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The Flash Furniture seat has plenty of padding and a large back rest for enjoying your next event in total comfort. Features include a built-in hook to add some extra stability when using it with bleachers, a carrying handle, and rubber strips on its base to prevent sliding. We like that this option comes in 18 different color options, so you can match your favorite team!



Ohuhu Stadium Seat

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For parents who never miss their kids’ games, consider opting for this two-pack. They are sturdy, comfortable, and cost less than $30 per seat. This option doesn’t have arm rests, but they do have a hook that latches to bleachers for added support. The seats are foldable and can support up to 400 pounds. They come in black or red.