Boogie Wipes Clean Away Snot With Ease


Yes, this is the dirty, gross side of parenting that we rarely talk about. While the days of poop-filled air and partially digested baby food making encore appearances are behind me, my 6-year-old is still as gross as they come. His nose — or what I like to refer to as the snot faucet — seems to have a constant stream of green goo trickling down, settling on the rim of his lips where it becomes a semi-hardened, dried-up boogie lake.

Boogie Wipes are my go to when it comes to clearing out the snot crust that has become a part of my son’s personal aesthetic. You’re likely thinking, “Please not another wipe,” or “Can’t I just use a baby wipe?” Both of those feelings are valid. As a parent, I totally understand that adding another thing to your list of daily must-haves seems excessive especially when you can seemingly just grab the baby wipes you have in abundance already. But Boogie Wipes are completely different and are absolutely worth having on hand at all possible times.

The extra soft cloths are moistened with nourishing and moisture-restoring ingredients like aloe, chamomile, and vitamin E oil to prevent the raw feeling from constantly chipping away at the caked-up snot adorning my kid’s nostrils. The 0.9% isotonic saline in the wipes gives them an extra, heavy-duty purpose. Unlike baby wipes, the saline in the Boogie Wipes actually dissolves the snot. Yes! That means I don’t have to peel away the half-inch-thick layers of boogers that have developed throughout the school day from my son’s face while he screams bloody murder.

As a mom, my yuck threshold is impressively high. My son christened his arrival onto the planet by peeing on me as soon as the doc pulled him out, so I’m no stranger to the gross side of parenting. But these Boogie Wipes help me clean up the nastiness a bit — and for that, I am thankful.

Boogie Wipes

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