Electric Epilators and Razors on AliExpress

Every summer we look to remove body hair effectively and without wasting too much time. One of the options is to use an electric epilator. Although it is not a novel device, and they became popular a few years ago, they are still a good method to remove hair: it is cheap, easy, and fast. It is always worth having this type of device at home, besides, the newest ones are designed to catch even the smallest hair so that they are much more efficient.

But these small devices are usually very expensive, often we wonder if it is not better to use the blade or other systems. Today we are going to explain how to find very low-priced electric epilators on AliExpress (some do not even cost 12 dollars!) In our selection we are also going to include razors, very useful if the epilators seem painful to you and you just want to trim the hair, they are perfect for the bikini line or to carry in the suitcase and give a little touch-up.

Electric epilators: which features should they have

Choosing an epilator seems simple, but certain features deserve our attention before buying one, to be sure of what to expect. We recommend looking at the following characteristics:

  • Heads: Some epilators include more than one head to adapt to the different areas of our body. It is important to look at the size of the heads, to know if they can epilate large areas or, on the contrary, are designed for small areas.
  • Type of power: Some epilators work with disposable batteries, but there are also others that work with rechargeable ones, and even some more modern that work via USB. Pay attention to this, in case you prefer any of these feeding systems.
  • Light: Sometimes we just need extra light for such a meticulous task. That is why some of these devices include a small lamp in the head.
  • Power and noise: These are important parameters since a good power will help us finish earlier, but manufacturers do not usually talk much about these features. On AliExpress, it’s best to look at the comments of other buyers and see what they have to say about this.

Our selection of electric epilators on AliExpress

Next, we are going to summarize the best electric epilators available on this famous Chinese sales platform. We bet on this website since its prices have no competition, and there is a wide variety of models.We will walk you through several best-sellers with great value for money.
To make it more concise, we have selected 5 Chinese brands specialized in beauty products that have the best models, but that also include some other very interesting epilators in their catalog.

Asun epilator: best-seller

Among all models on AliExpress, this is the best-selling of all. It has a small head because and is an ideal electric epilator for small areas. It works on batteries, but at the comments you will notice that it has a lot of autonomy (about 40 minutes) and good power. Due to its excellent price, it is not surprising that it is the best seller.

Asun also has this electric razor, with really good feedback from buyers. It is a mini razor, ideal for travel. It works with USB and is great for taking it everywhere with you. Besides, it is very affordable.

Lastly, we have to mention the newest Asun razor, that you can buy through. It has a gorgeous design that resembles a seashell. It is not only useful, but also beautiful and economic.

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Kemei: a trustable brand

This is one of the brands that always stands out when we talk about small beauty devices because their products characterize by their value for money and for having really positive comments from other buyers. Its official store on AliExpress has the “top brand” seal that is only awarded to those stores that, month after month, manage to provide excellent customer service.


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