Funny Christmas Decorations Guaranteed to Make You Crack Up

We all have that one relative who just can’t stop making inappropriate jokes, even at holiday time. Whether you’re shopping for that person or you are that person, this list is full of hilarious options you can’t help but laugh at.

1. D-FantiX Santa Toilet Seat Cover Set

We won’t comment on the sanitation of this situation, but we will comment on how fun and festive this will make your toilet look! (Very festive, if you’re asking.) Just try not to pee directly on Santa Claus!

Price: 22.99$
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2. Tree Buddees Pee on Snowman Christmas Ornament

If you have a family dog, you know this snowman well.

Price: $13.95
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3. Twerking Santa Claus

Because even Santa should be able to let loose.

Price: $21.78
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 4. Christmas Elf Hanging Legs

Place this set of legs under the tree or inside of a gift box to make it look like you’ve got a real-life elf butt wiggling around trying to find something in your house. The kids will either find it hilarious or absolutely terrifying!

Price: $29
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 5. Reindeer Hat Game

Decorate yourself with the entertainment for the party.

Price: $9
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