Funny Valentine’s Day Gifts for 2019

Skip the roses and chocolates this year and opt for a funny Valentine’s Day gift instead. From gas neutralizers to heart-shaped appliances, these ideas will definitely give your partner, SO, or friend a good laugh.


Six Ways to Say I Love You

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Grab his or her favorite beer and load it up in this greeting card box. It’ll beat any Hallmark or Papyrus card you’ll find at the drugstore.





Heart-Shaped Metallic Donut Pan


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For when you dough-not want to disappoint your bae with a gift.




Heart-Shaped Waffle Maker


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And in the morning, I’m making (heart-shaped) waffles!





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Splurge and get them their own brewing machine. It can brew up to 5 liters of your favorite craft at a time. Change the bitterness level and alcohol content to your preference, and even create a custom recipe of grains, hops, and yeast.




Anti-Love Office Card

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The perfect card to send to your friend or loved one who thinks this holiday is just as ridiculous as you do.








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A rose that’ll actually last.