Go for a Night Swim With This Light-Up Pool Float

With all the unique, fun pool floats out there, it’s tough to decide which ones make the cut for your pool or lounging in the lake this summer. However, I think we can all agree that this light-up pool float takes the whole drifting thing to a new level.
Swimline’s swan pool float has LED lights inside, so it’ll glow the next time you go night swimming. The pool float itself is white with black details and an orange beak, but the lights can turn it into a variety of colors. You can have it illuminate white, red, green, blue, and pink.

Not only is the light-up pool float going to be the life of the party, but it can fit two adults. There are handles on the side of the swan’s neck, so you can hang on as you relax in the water.

You can get the swan pool float with LED lights on Amazon Prime. “I took this to a rave pool party. BIG HIT!” one buyer wrote. “Lights can be seen everywhere and very unique compared to the standard swans and flamingos.”

As if living in the pool wasn’t already fun enough during the summer, now you have extra incentive to dive in at night. All you have to do is decide which color to try out first, and maybe grab a cocktail for the ultimate drift.

 Light-up Pool Float

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