Guide to finding Chinese Makeup Brands on Aliexpress

You can choose from a wide range of affordable chinese makeup brands on Aliexpress. However, not all of them are of top notch quality and often one might come across fake brands or Chinese ones. In this article we are going to review some of the coolest makeup brands you will find on Aliexpress.

Makeup Brush Sets on Aliexpress
You’ll get some of the best deals on the brush sets sold on Aliexpress. These brushes are crafted out of the best quality materials which ensure that you don’t get any allergic reactions. Moreover they are so cheap that you would end up buying a few sets. Shops like Fashion Trade Mall, Super Wall Mart A Co Ltd and Shenzhen YKS Technology which come with over 95% rating are the best places to buy these brushes from. If you are trying to find a nice gift for you loved ones then consider buying one of the makeup brushes available on this site.

Fake Chinese brand makeups on Aliexpress
Fake Nyx Butter Lipstick: Available for less than $2 on Aliexpress this one cannot be easily differentiated from the original. However, some customers don’t like the feel of it so its better to stay away from this one.

Fake Max Factor eyeliner: This is one of the best fake brands you’ll find on Aliexpress. Max Factor is one of the most expensive makeup brands which has been around for over a century. The duplicate Max Factor is never going to leave you disappointed.
However, you will not find duplicates of brands like Lancome or Mac. If you don’t like the idea of using fake branded makeup products then its always better to ditch them in favour of the cheap Chinese cosmetic brands. They are quality wise much better than the fake ones and cost much less.

Chinese Makeup Brands on Aliexpress
You will find a host of cheap Chinese makeup brands on Aliexpress, most of which are not bad as you think. Unlike the fake brands these ones would tell you what materials goes into the making of the products. If you are looking forward to buying cheap Chinese make up from Aliexpress then make sure to buy them from a seller who comes with over 90% positive reviews from customers. It goes without saying that the sellers with the best reviews deliver the best quality items. It is also important that you buy the makeup from a seller who specializes in selling cosmetic items.

Let us take a look at the three most sought after Chinese makeup brands
These 3 brands have their own Aliexpress stores.


Hengfang Cosmetics

 SkinFood Zananbili

Now let us look into some of the best sellers for these awesome Chinese makeups brand Focailire, Susan House and iFashion.

1. Focailure ( 96.5% rating)

Visit The Store

2. Susan House (98.4% rating) Visit The Store

 3. iFashion Beauty (95.9% rating)Visit The Store

Buying your Chinese makeup from any of these top rated shops is highly recommended. Now that you have a basic guide for makeup shopping on Aliexpress its time to go online and order a cartful of them for yourself or your loved ones.