Halloween Products That Will Bring Your Home to the Spookiest Level

You don’t have much time to be sad that summer is over when Halloween is creeping up! As you’re planning your killer costume, don’t forget to give your home the holiday treatment. We’ve scoured the internet for the coolest and scariest pieces that we want in our own spaces, so we’re confident that you’ll feel the same way.


Zombie Color-Changing Mug

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This creepy mug remains black with cold liquid, but when it’s filled with hot liquid, the plain look changes into a bloody zombie scene! The Walking Dead-inspired mug is the perfect thing to sip out of as you watch a spooky movie.




Bloody Bath Mat

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Your bathroom is about to turn into a horror scene with this bloody bath mat. It changes from white to “bloody” red when it comes into contact with water, so it makes for a great trick if you put it down for an unsuspecting guest




Yoga Skeletons

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Looking for your inner peace? Well, skeletons might not be the way to go, but these yoga skeletons might be. The 4-piece set shows skeletons in different poses, so it’s perfect for a yogi who loves spooky season.




Eyeball String Lights (10 LED Lights)

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Regular lights just won’t do for illuminating your home this Halloween, but these eyeball LED lights do the trick!





Skull Himalayan Salt Lamp

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Illuminate any room with this Halloween-approved Himalayan salt lamp. Isn’t it funny how this eerie skull is said to get rid of negativity?





Zombie Bowling Ball

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The scariest thing you’ll see at a bowling alley? Probably, besides the used shoes, that is. The bowling ball comes in 10-pound up to 16-pound options.