How to find pretty, cheap, good quality rings in AliExpress

Its pretty easy to find good quality rings in AliExpress, but finding good offers can be harder. Why? Well, there is more than 200.000 models to choose from.

There is a big offer and according to sales, a big demand. In fact Chinese rings are some of the best bargain items on AliExpress. And not only in the jewelry department, this is a top selling product overall.

Why are these Chinese rings so popular?

There is two big reason for this.

  1. The price. Where else are you going to find rings for 3€ or less? Chinese sellers make rings in the style of Tous, Bulgaria or Swarovski among other brands. These rings AREN’T replicas of original brands; they are made by Chinese producers or brands with less quality materials.
  2. Free shipping, shipping time and customs. You aren’t going to pay any extra fees for your ring, there is no shipping costs. I bought three different rings (in different AliExpress shops) and I received them in 12 days, pretty good considering they said they it was going to take more than 2 weeks. Furthermore I had no problems whatsoever, the package is so small, the chances of it being held in customs are super slim.

How to find cheap rings in AliExpress

To find rings you have to follow the usual procedure: go to this version of AliExpress and type in one of the following key words:

Anillo                                                                Check on AliExpress 

Ring                                                                    Check on AliExpress

Famous Rings (Brand Rings)               Check on AliExpress 


You can also look for them by category: go to the left side of the home page and then click on the category Watches and Jewelry > Jewelry > Rings. Like this: