I Tried the AuraGlow Teeth-Whitening Pen

When you drink nearly as much coffee and red wine as I do, using a teeth-whitening product becomes a tedious, but necessary once-a-year ritual — just like a routine annual check-up … or for me, a rare trip to temple during the holidays (sorry, Mom and Dad). Even more painful is the sensitivity that comes with the teeth-whitening process, which prevents me from slurping down a comforting seasonal soup or indulging in ice cream without any inhibitions.

I first found the AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Pen while in search of Crest Whitestrips on Amazon. I’d used the Whitestrips several times in the past, and, despite its cultish following, I’ve found that the sensitivity I frequently experienced didn’t justify the minimal difference I saw in the mirror, nor the near-$50 splurge. So, this time I took a shot at something new — a highly rated whitening pen that costs less than half the price, but with big claims of bright white results and a bonus of no sensitivity.

I chose to apply the AuraGlow pen twice daily after brushing my teeth — once in the morning and once at night — and managed to keep up with this ritual for 14 days.

The application is pretty straightforward: All you have to do is take off the cap, twist up, and paint it on. You do need to let the gel dry for 60 seconds, then leave it on your teeth for a full hour without eating or drinking — perhaps the hardest part of the process, but if you time your application right, like before a walk or bedtime, it isn’t much of a hindrance.

The gel dissolves on its own rather quickly, so there’s no need to remove or rinse (I can’t even count how many times I’ve fallen asleep with whitening strips on). It’s really just a matter of applying and going about your day.

The AuraGlow gel is totally unnoticeable once on your teeth, both visually and taste-wise, and I experienced zero sensitivity throughout the whole trial. In fact, I scheduled a teeth cleaning a few days after starting the treatment (bad timing, I know), but even with my dentist pressing, scrubbing, and shooting icy water all over the inside of my mouth, I didn’t feel anything abnormal. Just for good measure, I asked for her thoughts on the AuraGlow pen, and yes, she approves.

Closing Argument: If you’re in search of a no-fuss whitening treatment that can tackle years of stains without causing sensitivity, I found that the AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Pen completely lived up to my expectations. Its brush-on application is ideal for targeting specific spots, unlike trendy strip treatments, and its clear gel formula isn’t visible once it’s lacquered on. Best of all: It’s super affordable, costing you less than half the price of Crest.

AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Pen