If You Have an Apple TV, You Need This Remote

The Apple TV remote has been described as a “nightmare,” “one of the worst designed items ever created,” and “so obviously wrong that it’s insulting.” More than 4,500 9to5Mac readers have called for its redesign, and people hate it so much they have spent upwards of $300 on eBay to buy an alternative remote that’s only sold in Switzerland.

Why so much disdain? It’s too small, easy to lose, and is uncomfortable to hold. Because of the remote’s symmetrical design, you’ll frequently handle it upside down without even realizing and accidentally push the wrong buttons, causing you to commonly interrupt your show.

I’m not the biggest fan of the Apple TV remote either and was relieved to find an affordable alternative. It’s called the One For All Streamer Remote. It’s much thicker and feels nicer in my hands. Unlike the Apple TV Remote, this one has clicky rubber buttons that are completely backlit, which makes it easier to use in a dimly lit room.

This plastic remote is about an inch taller than Apple’s remote and it runs on four AAA batteries. What I love most about it is that it pairs to multiple devices — meaning I no longer have to juggle several remotes to control everything. I can use it to power on my LG TV, adjust the volume of my Sonos Soundbar, control playback on my Apple TV, and turn everything off when I’m done watching.

The remote is packed with all the buttons you need, without feeling too cluttered. My favorite feature is the mute button, which is lacking on Apple’s remote for some reason. There’s a button for easily switching HDMI inputs, and it even has rewind and fast-forward buttons, so you’ll never accidentally zip backwards 20 minutes in a show because your thumb slid across your remote’s trackpad.

One For All Streamer Remote

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