KastKing Fishing Accessories in AliExpress: Analysis and Shopping guide

KastKing Fishing Accessories in AliExpress: Analysis and Shopping guide

If you are a sport fishing enthusiast, you will be interested in reading this article. In the We will talk about the brand KastKing, one of the top brands of AliExpress where you can find fishing accessories: Reels, lures, Thread…

It is difficult to find opinions on this brand, although it has thousands of sales on its website there are few reviews of its products, so today we will explain its features and analyze whether it is worth buying their products, we are sure you Interest as you could save a good money on a hobby as expensive as fishing can be.

We analyze the Kastking brand and its cheap fishing accessories

Although we are talking about one of the most famous fishing accessory brands on AliExpress, this brand is not of Chinese origin. It was created in the year 2012 by the hand of some American students fishing enthusiasts who wanted to bring this fun sport to anyone, without the money was a problem. With their knowledge of the Internet and e-commerce, they began to manufacture high quality selling products at very reasonable prices, with the sole aim that fishing is still fun. Moreover, innovation, technology and quality had to be the cornerstones of their products.

The result was the KastKing brand, which offers high-performance fishing accessories at a very affordable price, designed by fishermen for fishermen. This brand offers different accessories, but mainly offers reels, rods and fishing threads. They serve both for beginner fishermen with little budget even for the most veteran and demanding, proof of this is their success in America sales. However, thanks to its headquarter in China they also sell their products through its official AliExpress store, which you can access from here, where you will find better prices than in your American store and more shopping facilities, besides the products purchased From China they have less customs problems than those coming from America. We will analyze your best fishing accessories.

Fishing Reels: Cheap and high quality

One of the most sold products of this brand are the reels, they have a great quality and they are very cheap, especially if we buy them here, in their official AliExpress store. They have three types of reels for the different types of fishing that exist: for spinning, bait casting or fly fishing, the latter are the least sold but if you are interested you can find them in this link.

Spinning reels

If you practise this type of sport fishing, besides needing a flexible and light cane that allows to throw lures with the cane gives of one hand, you will need a reel of fixed or frontal drum. This spool will be installed in the shank at the bottom, and you can change the handle to one side or the other to adjust it to our preferences. This brand offers more than 10 spinning reels available in this custom search.

Among its best selling models we find the KastKing Sharky II, an extremely lightweight reel with high resistance to corrosion thanks to its carbon fiber body, which can withstand a maximum weight of 19 KG (in its version Sharky II 6000) and a capacity of line Maximum 0.41 mm/195mm or 0.47 mm/145mm. In short, a silent, compact, powerful and light film ideal for any fishing enthusiast for less than 30 euros here.

If you are looking for a reel of superior performance, I recommend you look at the KastKing Kodiak, a reel totally built in solid aluminium with aluminium rotor and CNC machining that gives it solidity and sturdiness. Its brass gears and its carbon-fiber drag system make this reel drag a weight of up to 18 Kg. It also works very smoothly thanks to its precise manufacturing tolerances and high-quality bearings. In short it is the flagship in terms of spinning reels of this brand, especially suitable for saltwater fishing that you can find for just over double the previous one in this link.

Bait-Casting Reels

This type of fishing needs a rotating reel with a line output as agile as the front reels. It is a very fun technique to fish in summer, when there is more variety of fish that can be fished with this technique. In addition, it is better for great efforts thanks to its cross-drum so its power transmission is more efficient, although no doubt spinning reels are easier to handle for beginners and children. KastKing has a wide variety of bait-casting reels that you can easily find here.

Among its most sold reels of this modality we find the KastKing Royale Legend, a reel of launching of bait with double braking system (magnetic brake and independent centrifugal brake of long duration) with a capacity of drag of up to 8 kg. It is a low-profile, super-high-performance low aerodynamic reel that offers the quality and performance of reels from other brands such as Shimano, Abu Garcia or Daiwa with an incredibly low price as you can see in this search. In addition, your crank can be changed sideways in case we are left-handed.

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