Level Up Your Practice and Increase Flexibility With These Yoga Wheels

If you’re yearning to level up your yoga practice, take home a supportive yoga wheel that will improve flexibility and add some fun to your routine. Sure, the yoga wheel can condition and deepen your backbends and support new inversion challenges, but it’s also the perfect prop to use for strength training and balance, too. For strength training, you can use a yoga wheel to add stability to moves you might do with an exercise ball, like bridges or push-ups. You can also balance on top of your yoga wheel, whether on your back or feet! There are limitless ways to benefit from using a yoga wheel on the reg! Check out our top picks and bring your favorite one home.


Gaiam Yoga Wheel, 12 Inches

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This sustainable cork yoga wheel by Gaiam will support your practice. The handcrafted wheel is designed to keep bacteria at bay and provide just a bit of extra cushioning, which you’ll seriously appreciate when you use your wheel for full support.




Yoga EVO Yoga Wheel, 13 Inches

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Bring your backbends to the next level with this psychedelic yoga wheel by Yoga EVO. Not only can a yoga wheel be used for conditioning to perfect regular poses, but it’s great for stretching and warming up, too.




BodyGood Cork Yoga Wheel, 13 Inches

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Loosen all of your tight muscles with this yoga wheel by BodyGood. The antimicrobial wheel is made of cork, so it’s super easy to clean and features a natural element of extra cushioning. This wheel is available in wood, seafoam green, or purple.




Body Wheel Yoga Wheel, 12 Inches

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This unique yoga wheel by Body Wheel has filling in the center with cutouts, so you can get the absolute best grip depending on what pose you’re practicing. Made of high-quality EVA foam, you can use it to roll out your tense muscles like you would with a foam roller, too.



UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel Set of Three

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Perfect for attempting new poses, this snazzy silvery yoga wheel set by UpCircleSeven includes three wheels at different sizes so you can switch it up easily without any stress. Bring your bridge pose to new heights at a progression you’re comfortable with!