Make the Most of Your iPhone With These Must-Have Accessories

When it comes to iPhone accessories, the market is completely flooded. For instance, if you search “Lightning cable” on Amazon, you’ll be greeted with more than 10,000 results. Pick the cheapest one and you could end up with a ripped cord in a week, or even worse — a fried charging port. We’ve scrambled through the internet for dozens of hours and have tested most of the accessories in this guide so you can have the best. Our picks will help keep your iPhone scratch- and scuff-free, powered up, and ready to go.



Tile Pro

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Although this nifty gadget isn’t specifically for your iPhone, it works in tandem with it to help you find your lost items, so long as your phone is within up to 400 feet away. When out of range, you can rely on a vast community of Tile owners to track a lost item. The Tile Pro is the best Bluetooth tracker. It features a replaceable battery, a louder alarm, and a longer range than its competitors. We have a couple on our keys and in our wallet, and don’t know how we ever lived without it!



ElevationDock 4 iPhone Dock

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The ElevationDock is one of the most stable and secure docks you can buy. It’s made of medical-grade silicone, comes in black or white, and features stainless steel accents. The dock includes an Apple-certified, 5-foot-long, braided Lightning cable, and it’s compatible with both the iPad and iPhone — even if your device has a case on it — thanks to its adjustable design. It can also be used to charge your AirPods or Apple TV remote. Our only complaint is that its included cable can’t be swapped for a different cable, so if it breaks, you have to replace the entire unit.



Apple AirPods (Latest Model)

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Apple’s latest earbuds will instantly upgrade your iPhone experience. They instantly pair with your iPhone, offer excellent sound quality, and are perfect for taking phone calls. Even better? They feature an all-new wireless charging case, meaning you can cut yet another cord from your life!



Apple Watch Series 5

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Hands down, the Apple Watch is the best smartwatch money can buy. Aside from its elegant design and intuitive user interface, its built-in GPS will precisely keep track of your outdoor activities while an ultra accurate ECG-capable heart-rate sensor will keep your health in check. With optional cellular connectivity among its key features, the latest Apple Watch allows users to take a break from their iPhone during their workouts. The display of the watch is also the best in the business — it’s bright and easy to navigate even under direct sunlight. Plus, it has an always-on display, meaning you no longer have to lift or flick your wrist to get the time.



MoKo Cell Phone Stand

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This inexpensive stand from MoKo is just a half-inch thick and folds up to just 3 by 3 inches, making it the perfect stand to take with you on the go and use with your iPhone. You can easily toss it in a bag or even fit it in a pocket. It’ll definitely come in handy on an airplane because it’s small enough to fit on a tray. It may not be the prettiest stand because it’s just made of plastic, but it’s sturdy, small, and affordable.