Master & Dynamic MW07 Earbuds Review 2018

Completely wireless earbuds are better than ever now, with a slew of excellent options available at a plethora of price points. The MW07 completely wireless earbuds by the New York City-based Master & Dynamic are one of the highest quality offerings in the space, and worth splurging on. They have a high-end design, incredible sound, and ergonomics to match.

What first captivated me about the Master & Dynamic MW07 earbuds was the handcrafted acetate finish. It makes each and every pair look like bespoke jewelry, not a tech product. I genuinely like that there are four acetate finishes to pick from — matte black, tortoiseshell that matches great with similar sunglasses, steel blue, and gray terrazzo. I alternated testing the steel blue and gray and was littered with compliments from friends, co-workers, and even complete strangers.

And then there’s the charging case of MW07 wireless earbuds, whose polished stainless steel finish is just as wow-inducing as its contents. Rather impressively, it utilizes a USB-C port for charging — a feature that many rivals are lacking. It’s prone to scratches though, so it’s nice that Master & Dynamic has included a great-looking canvas pouch to protect it.

As expected from a tech product with a $300 price tag, the Master & Dynamic MW07 wireless earbuds have audio quality that’s on par with their looks and craftsmanship. Powered by 10-millimeter beryllium audio drivers, the wire-free earbuds deliver a well-sorted sound signature that’s among the best in class.

I thoroughly enjoyed the MW07 sonic experience on a variety of audio content — from my favorite English Premier League podcast, all the way to iconic Miles Davis tracks. Crucially, the earbuds consistently maintained a robust wireless connection with my smartphone, thus ensuring that the listening experience is always optimal.

The fit and overall ergonomics of the MW07 earbuds are excellent. Thanks to proprietary Fit Wings, the earbuds stay seamlessly in place and don’t cause fatigue. Their buttons for volume and audio controls impressed me with convenient placement and nice tactile feedback.

With a maximum battery life that’s shy of 4 hours, the MW07 earbuds are not the longest-lasting pick I’ve tested, though this isn’t a deal-breaker. The carrying case holds three additional charges, and it’s capable of fully charging the earbuds in less than 2 hours. The accessory itself takes only 40 minutes to replenish its built-in battery.

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Master & Dynamic MW07 Completely Wireless Earbuds

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