My Secret for Ultra Smooth Skin? The FOREO LUNA 3

The Brief: Is it just me or are we all constantly trying out new facial products in order to just come close to having perfect skin? With so many moisturizers, creams, and serums available now, it can be overwhelming to sift through them all. It turns out that the greatest recent change I made to my own skincare regimen was adding in the FOREO LUNA 3.

There are few better feelings than taking off my makeup and washing my face after a long day. Some of those long days require a face mask or scrub to really clear the built-up dirt out of my pores. Just when I thought I couldn’t do more to give my skin the cleaning it deserves, I tried the FOREO LUNA 3.

This latest addition to the brand boasts its ability to get rid of dirt and oil, while leaving you with smoother, younger-looking skin … all in one minute. That all sounded good in theory, but I had to give it a try myself to see if it lived up to its apparent benefits.

There are three FOREO LUNA 3 varieties, distinguished by color and categorized by skin type. There are options for normal, combination, and sensitive skin. As someone who doesn’t lean one way or another, I went with the blue brush for combination skin. Before I took this handy gadget to my face for the first time, I took off my makeup, used my typical nighttime face wash, and patted it dry, as advised.

To get started, I downloaded the FOREO app, which is free in the Apple App Store, and synced my device to it (it’s how you turn it on and off). FOREO also has its own cruelty-free and vegan serum to be used with the device — it goes on clear and is dubbed a “youth preserve.” I grabbed that too in hopes of getting the best possible results.

“Micro-capsules ensure maximum penetration of youth-preserving antioxidants down where they can nourish you best — beneath your many skin barriers,” the description reads. “Micro-capsules protect the squalane inside and make sure all that skin-smoothing good stuff sinks in deeper, works better, and stays locked beneath your skin barrier longer.”


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“FOREO is making our skincare dreams come true once again. ☁️ The new #foreoluna3 cleanses your skin even more gently than its predecessor! There’s one for every skin type so that you can be sure to get the most out of your cleansing routine. ✨🌟 And there’s more! 👀🙈 There’s another new product as well: #serumserumserum and it is THE bombdotcom – trust us. ✨ It contains #hyaluronicacid and #squalane to hydrate and protect your skin and it works wonders when used together with a #foreobrush.” – @bangerhead⠀ ⠀ We have to agree with @bangerhead that SERUM SERUM SERUM and LUNA 3 are the bombdotcom! Let’s see a raise of hands if you agree 🙋🏽‍♀️! ⠀ ⠀ 📸: @bangerhead⠀ ⠀ #FOREOSERUM #FOREO #Skincare #BeautyRoutine #SkinCleansing #SkinCareRoutine #BeautyProducts #BeautyTech #LUNA3

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Once I set up the app and covered my face in the serum, it was time to actually test it. The device suggested I start with 60 seconds on power level 8 (there are 16 total), so that’s what I did. The pulsations felt strange at first, but as I moved it around to my cheeks, nose, and forehead, it felt like my skin was getting cleaner by the second. The LUNA 3’s brush head is 30% larger than the model before it, and the silicone touchpoints are 30% longer and 25% softer. This was my first-ever experience with FOREO, but I was already giving the results a thumbs-up.

Fast-forward to 60 seconds later, and the device automatically stopped. When I touched my face, I couldn’t believe how soft it was. It just felt and looked so … good. There was a glow that my skin hasn’t achieved before. That 1 minute alone sold me.

Over the next 3 weeks, I used the LUNA 3 every single night (and didn’t even need to charge it once, thanks to the long battery life). I was worried at first, because since my skin can be sensitive, I thought it would be too much for it to handle. However, I didn’t experience any irritation and I continued to see smooth, glowing skin night after night. When I took a break from the device after those few weeks, I noticed my skin went back to feeling and looking as it did before I discovered my new beauty BFF. As you’d imagine, I’m back to using it as often as I can so I can put my best face forward.

Closing Argument: As someone who has tried mask after mask, scrub after scrub, and whatever else I can find to lather onto my face, I’m very happy with how the FOREO LUNA 3, paired with the serum, makes my skin look and feel.


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