Phone Gadgets That Make Life Easier

It’s insane how much time we spend on our smartphones. We can’t go anywhere without them, and even if we aren’t leaving the house, there’s a pretty good chance it’s still in our hand or right by our side. They just make life easier. So why not make using them easier? These phone gadgets will make holding, charging, cleaning, and keeping your phone by your side even simpler than it already is.

1. LuMee Duo Phone Case
The LuMee Case is a selfie- (and life-) changing accessory — a phone case with a light feature surrounding the sides on both the front and back. It gives you the perfect glow to highlight your face, making you fully selfie-ready.    Buy Now

2. Anker PowerCore 13000
The Anker PowerCore 13000 is one of the best when it comes to portable batteries. It’s not too small, it’s not too big, and its size and capacity are just right. The battery has two USB ports, and it’s powerful enough to recharge some smartphones up to five times. So, if you forget to charge the battery on your charger — which you will — you’ll be OK.     Buy Now

3. Lectronik Cable Charger Protector
Stop buying new phone cables every time the rubber begins to tear near the end. These swirly protectors will prevent cords from shredding.    Buy Now

4. Stick it 360 Magnetic Car Phone Mount
The Stick It 360 car mount is a lifesaver. No, really! It’ll keep your phone securely in place and both of your hands on the wheel. Simply insert a thin metal plate between your smartphone and your case — or attach using a sticker if you don’t use a case — and place it right on the mount. Rotate your phone to go from vertical to landscape or any other angle that’s most convenient for you.     Buy Now

5. B-Land Cell Phone Holder
It may look silly, but this phone holder will come in handy more times than you’d think. Strap it around your neck and enjoy your favorite shows while you lie on your bed, bicycle at the gym, or even watch the GPS while you drive.      Buy Now

6. LoveHandle Universal Grip
If you’re not sold on the PopSocket craze because of the bulk it adds to your phone, then you’ll love the LoveHandle. It’s a slimmer phone grip that allows you to flip your phone around to the back of your hand, leaving your palm free to hold things.     Buy Now

7. Oksale Cable Cord
Make your phone charger last longer with these adorable animal protectors. They snap onto the end of the cord that plugs into your phone to avoid wear and tear.     Buy Now