Review of Some Lawnmower Chinese Brands Available on AliExpress

You are lucky if you have a garden with a lawn. However, it requires periodic maintenance. Mowing the lawn is a chore, but it can be lighter if we have the right tools. The best mowers can handle complex, very uneven or steep terrain. It will also make mowing your lawn a breeze as the best mowers prevent muscle strain and injury.

If you’ve been looking, you know that low-priced lawnmowers are hard to find. The best brands like Honda or Husqvarna are quite expensive, so we are going to show you alternatives available on AliExpress. We will talk about the best economic Chinese lawnmower brands, which are brands specialized in tools. We will also tell you what you should take into account before buying your lawnmower.

Best lawnmower brands available on AliExpress

When we look for a low-priced lawn mower, it will probably be hard to find economic alternative brands, but thanks to AliExpress and its Chinese brands of tools and DIY we can find great value for money lawnmowers. Many people have realized this, and several models already have thousands of sales. We are going to show you the most prominent brands. You can also find them all by clicking  here.


Prostormer is specialized in DIY tools and is one of the most famous brands of this online sales platform. A great advantage of buying in this store is that it has warehouses in China, Europe, the United States, Brazil, Russia…  So you can enjoy faster shipments and avoid customs problems. 

They have specialized in 2-in-1 battery-powered brush cutters and lawnmowers, and they are so cheap they have made thousands of sales. This type of lawnmower is for professionals or people accustomed to its use, it allows cutting in two directions and thanks to its large capacity battery, we can cut the lawn for about 50 minutes in 5 different positions. In addition to mowing your lawn horizontally, you can also cut it vertically, ideal for edges and corners.

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But in recent years, our household chores have become easier thanks to robots, a good example is kitchen robots, vacuum cleaners, or window cleaners. And luckily there are also robotic lawnmowers, which are ideal for those looking to have the perfect lawn effortlessly. Devvis has been specializing in these types of economic robotic lawnmowers for years, so it is one of the best Chinese brands, the best alternative to the Husqvarna, Gardena or Worx robotic lawnmowers.

To buy a machine from this brand, it is best to go to the official Devvis store on AliExpress. Their robots can be purchased from their warehouse in China, Spain, or Poland, avoiding customs and receiving your robot in record time for European buyers.

They have several models of robotic lawnmowers, you will have to choose depending on the size of your garden, from 400 to 3,600 m2. The main difference between them is the size of the deposit. The latest generation of Devvis lawnmower robots have a Wi-Fi connection to control it through its mobile application, multiple sensors (rain, elevation, inclination, pressure …), height adjustment… Thanks to its gyroscope, they are very precise. They have large batteries for a range of up to 5 hours.

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Lanneret is specialized in tools, but it is cheaper than others as it is not as famous for AliExpress buyers yet. On their official AliExpress store, you will find a wide variety of gardening tools such as chainsaws, weed removal machines, or hedge trimmers, with shipping from China, Spain, and Russia.

They manufacture manual lawn mowers or brush cutters of great value for money. The cheapest models are very simple but have advantages such as being foldable, and they are very light and easy to use. However their cutting capacity is more limited and they also work with a 20-meter cable, which can be quite uncomfortable for medium-sized gardens. They are ideal for trimming small grass.

The most expensive manual brushcutters already have a battery for working wirelessly. It is specially designed to be used more easily: soft and comfortable grip, pivoting head to cut at different angles and postures, telescopic pole … It also has several safety systems to protect us and other objects from the cutter blades.

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