Roborock S5 Max Review – A Pet Owner’s Cleaning Dream

Well, that is until I stumbled upon the Roborock S5 Max, my new cleaning sidekick. This isn’t your average robotic vacuum: This guy not only sweeps up any debris lingering on your floor, but it also mops up your entire home without getting any carpets wet. Plus, unlike other clumsy cleaning robots, the Roborock S5 Max is easy to navigate via an app that lets you fully control where, when, and how it cleans up you and your furry friend’s messes.

Let’s get down to the specs: The Roborock uses a high-precision laser to scan each room as it glides through your home, creating an accurate real-time map to figure out where it needs to clean. It uses this info to calculate the most effective way to clean the varying floors, rugs, and carpets, while getting every nook and cranny of your space without getting stuck behind obstacles and tricky areas. Through the app, you can also set “no-go” and “no-mop” zones so you don’t come home to unexpectedly moist carpets. It also connects with your Google Home and Amazon Echo device, so getting started on cleaning is just as easy as saying, “Clean up!”

But what’s really impressive is that this cleaning robot vacuums and mops just how you’d like it, thanks to its app connection. Through the app, this vacuum-mop-hybrid connects to your phone via Wi-Fi and allows you to set exactly how intensely it should vacuum — it can suck up the weight of a AA battery, by the way — and how much water it should use to mop. Saving water and electricity without moving more than one finger? We’ll sign up for that.

What I truly love about this nifty gizmo is how easy it is to start. You simply hop onto the app, press clean, and presto: The Roborock gets to cleaning! It’s really quiet, but sucks up any dirt and debris in its path without sucking up your electric cords thanks to its smart sensor that detects before vacuuming. Once it’s all done, the Roborock treks back to its charging hub on its own, patiently awaiting its next moment to suck up the dust, crumbs, and pet fur collecting in your household. My cat looks at the Roborock with disdain while it sucks up her marked territories, but I can’t get enough of it.

So, what about cleaning it up? It’s also pretty easy: Just empty out the dust pan, dust off the quick-release main brush-and-mop mount, and the Roborock is ready to use again for months on end.

Closing Argument: Whether you have an extremely messy pet like I do, or you just want to break up with your broom and mop for good, the Roborock S5 Max is an absolute must-have. Believe me: Once you clean with a mopping robo-vacuum, you’ll never see a speck of dirt on your floors ever again.

Roborock S5 Max Robot Vacuum and Mop

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