Rumpl: The Blanket That’s Taking Over Your Instagram Feed

I know it seems weird to be obsessed with a blanket, but once you get your hands on Rumpl, you’ll 100% understand why this down-stuffed puffy is taking over your Instagram feed. What makes this puffy blanket so dang special? So many things!

It’s Lightweight
Weighing in at 1.4 pounds, this blanket is light. Want to know how much a Pendleton blanket weighs? Nearly 6 pounds. When you’re carrying your tent, food, and clothing into the backcountry but want some comforts of home, every single ounce counts. When you’re schlepping your kids, beach chairs, and cooler from the beach parking lot out onto the sand, every single ounce counts.

It’s Warm

These colorful puffy blankets aren’t just for show and tell (and Instagram photoshoots). They’re stuffed with 600 fill, sustainably sourced duck-down insulation and will keep you toasty down to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Add in a second person and two dogs, and you can probably knock off another 10 or 20 degrees! Why do you think they used to call super cold nights “two-dog nights”? Their body heat is unparalleled. And what does sustainably sourced duck down mean? It means the ducks are sustainably raised, de-feathered, and tracked. So you can rest assured that Rumpl isn’t involved in any practices that are unkind to the animal.

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Soft and Comfy

These blankets were dreamed up by a pair who got stranded in the cold when their truck broke down. Realizing how warm and comfortable they were waiting for roadside assistance while wrapped in their sleeping bags, they invented a blanket that felt just as dreamy. You love your down puffy jacket, don’t you? This is basically the same thing — but in full-body form!
Repels Water, Stain, Dirt, and Odor

Have dogs? Like to get dirty? Sand in your life? Snow everywhere? Rumpl has you covered. Remove dirt and sand with a couple of shakes. Wipe off snow and water with a flick of your hand. This nylon is made for adventure.
Durable and Machine-Washable

In my mind, “nature-friendly” does not mean “dry-clean only” materials. While I love wool, it generally needs to be dry-cleaned — and with two dogs, I’m allllllways looking for indoor (and outdoor) blankets that can be easily tossed in the washer and dryer. Not only is dry-cleaning inconvenient, but’s generally terrible for the environment. Rumpl blankets are a camper’s, beachgoer’s, and dog owner’s dream! They’re washer- and dryer-friendly!