Surround Sound Wireless Neck Speakers

Until now, headphones were the best way to listen to music with great quality and without disturbing those around you. They have a surround sound and the over-ears are the ones that better contain noise. But new neck speakers are a very interesting novelty due to their surround sound quality, and one of the best options is already on sale on AliExpress.

These are speakers that are placed directly on your neck. What is the use that we can give these speakers? It is clear that it isn’t a good idea to wear them in the office, in the gym, or while walking around the city, since it is definitely a speaker around your neck.

Neck Speakers: a good alternative to ASMR headphones on AliExpress

But when we are at home, usually we want to listen to music in a relaxed way and without losing connection with our environment. This is where neck speakers become a great option. Especially for lovers of ASMR audios, those relaxing videos that allow us to easily disconnect.

To fully enjoy the sensations that ASMR produces, it is recommended to use headphones to capture all the sounds and enjoy them but, precisely, headphones can be uncomfortable. Can you imagine enjoying your favorite ASMR videos without having to worry about headphones?

Quality neck speakers allow you to enjoy amazing surround sound and are very comfortable. There are two high-quality models on the market: the Bose Soundwear and the JBL Soundgear. We are going to talk about the latter below.

JBL Soundgear: Immersive binaural 3D sound

The famous brand JBL, renowned for its sound quality, have high-quality wireless neck speakers. They are called JBL SOUNDGEAR and they are a new way to experience sound like you have never done before.

They place around your neck. Thanks to their low weight, at just 370 grams, it is easy to forget we are wearing them. Their two 3W speakers (with 6W in total) are oriented towards the ears, creating a quality 3D binaural sound. They are connected by an ergonomic structure with a smooth finish, with fabric on the upper part.

It has Quad drivers and bass amplifiers that create a surround sound zone around you without losing the perception of your surroundings. The sound quality of this neck speaker is impressive, and perhaps this is what attracts and surprises the most, because the sensation is like carrying a kind of surround sound bubble.