The Best Alternative to Apple Airpods

Since the Apple Airpods went on sale, there have been many brands that have wanted to copy the aesthetics and functionality of these minimalist-style wireless headphones. In fact, on our blog, we have already reviewed the Best Chinese Wireless Headphones (Airpods clones). In this article, we are going to analyze one of the best alternatives that have just hit the market: the new Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro headphones. They cost less than half and are very similar to Apple’s, also in terms of functionality. We are going to analyze their characteristics and how to find them cheap on AliExpress.

Xiaomi Airdots Pro: lightweight and functional wireless headphones

These new wireless headphones are an improved version of their previous model, the Xiaomi Mi Airdots Youth. Although the price increases slightly, they are still a cheap alternative to the original Apple. In addition, Xiaomi is one of the best Chinese brands so the quality of finishes and sound is guaranteed. What stands out the most about these headphones is their lightness: they only weigh 5.8 grams, very close to the 4 grams of Airpods. Thanks to their IPX4 protection, they are resistant to splashing water, so we can use them for sports without worry.

Their design is really minimalist and very similar to AirPods, with an extension that protrudes from the ear where the microphone is located. As in the Apple headphones, this extension is inserted into the case that allows them to be charged. The weight of the case and the headphones is only 58 grams so we can carry them in our pocket without worry. You can find them in black or white.

But one of the best novelties of these headphones compared to the previous model is the possibility of controlling its operation through a combination of touches: we can answer calls, activate the virtual assistant, control music playback, or activate noise cancellation simply by touching the headphones. In addition, the headphones have an infrared optical sensor that detects when we are not wearing them to stop the music playback.

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