The Best Hacker-Proof Video Baby Monitors

When it comes to buying products that can impact the safety of your child, doing your research first is key.

While video baby monitors today come bundled with tons of incredible features, and they’re great for keeping an eye on your little one while you’re in another room, you want to ensure that you set up a secure device that can’t be hacked into. With an unprotected Wi-Fi video monitor, a hacker can do a lot of creepy things, from talking to your tot, to watching you breastfeed. And there are, unfortunately, vulnerable products that are still on the market.



Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

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The DXR-8 is the first-ever baby monitor with interchangeable optical lenses to customize the viewing angle and zoom. Use the close-up lens to keep tabs your newborn’s naps, then swap for a wide-angle later on to watch out for toddler-age antics.
A parent favorite, this monitor has over 27,000 raving Amazon reviews!



Babysense Video Baby Monitor

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Providing parents with full video up to 900 feet away from baby’s nursery, this secure baby monitor from Babysense is Wi-Fi-free and provides a crystal-clear picture during the day or at night, as long as it’s being used within the recommended distance.



eufy Video Baby Monitor

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Watch your little sweetie on a crisp, clear screen with the eufy Video Baby Monitor. With 460 feet of coverage, you can tote the monitor around the house with the peace of mind that your baby is sleeping soundly.When your baby starts walking and embarking on mini adventures, the added lens expands your view to 330 degrees for a corner-to-corner image and tilts 110 degrees for a floor-to-ceiling view, just in case they turn into Spider-Man overnight!