The cheapest Golden Goose sneakers, for both men and women, are in AliExpress

Golden Goose sneakers are known for the vintage style of their design. In fact they are incredibly popular, so much so that the Italian brand has become one of the leading brands in sneaker design.

And, do you know where you can find Golden Goose sneakers at an outlet price? Yup, you got it: AliExpress. The cheapest sneakers can be found on the Chinese platform, for quite a bit less than in other shop and the best part? They genuinely seem original.

We say “seem original” because they don’t feature the guaranteed authenticity logo:

But we are pretty sure they are original. Here is why:

They survived the replica purge taken on by AliExpress these past months (more information on brands and replicas of AliExpress here).
They are being sold in the open: not only are the shops selling them been around for quite some time, they also have great ratings and use the real name of the brand:

GGDB E-Commerce                             Check on AliExpress 

GGDB                                                            Check on AliExpress 

Or directly Golden Goose E-Commerce (can you imagine a replica shop using the name Nike e-Commerce? It wouldn’t even last 24h)
They use the word “Original” openly in the name of the product.
As can be seen in the rating sections, customers seem to be very happy with their purchase: 

The AliExpress rating system works through crowns, diamonds or medals. Here you can see a chart that goes into further details: