The Ember Mug Is the Best Gift for a New Mom

I’m currently spending 3-5 hours breastfeeding EVERY SINGLE DAY. I have a recliner with my Boppy pillow and a rolling cart with my pump, clean burp cloths, my laptop, baby lotion, hand cream, hand sanitizer, tiny nail clippers, the FireTV remote, and last but not least, a spot for my beverage. Depending on the time of day: coffee, water, wine.

But that coffee … sigh … it just doesn’t stay hot long enough for me to finish it. In comes Ember, the coffee mug that keeps your beverage at a toasty 135 degrees. Honestly, ask any mom, new mom, experienced mom, or fourth-time mom how she wants to start her day, and nine out of 10 will answer, “With a steaming hot cup of coffee.” But so many of us are settling on lukewarm. Not anymore!

For the first 6 weeks of life with a newborn, my husband was home with me (yes, he got 6 weeks of paternity leave — yay, WalMart!) and could grant my every wish. “The remote is too far away!” “Have you seen my cell phone?” “What time did I start feeding him?” “BRING ME A BURP CLOTH, QUICK!” But the most impotent job he had was in response to, “Can you heat up my coffee?” By the third time I’d requested it, on the same cup, he’s over it.

Ember 10 oz. Mug² Coffee Mug

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