The Google Nest Cam Outdoor Makes Me Feel Safe

Some products show up everywhere: subway ads, Instagram, celeb endorsements. With this series, we’re testing such products to conclude one thing: Does it live up to the hype?

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The Google Nest Cam Outdoor is a security camera that lets you monitor the exterior of your house right from your phone. It has a 130-degree, wide-angle view that gets 1080p HD image quality, day or night, so you can see (and hear) anyone or anything near your home. It notifies you when motion or noise is detected, so you’ll never have to wonder, “What was that sound?” ever again.

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With technology at our fingertips for nearly every aspect of life, isn’t our safety among the most important places to put it to use? The Google Nest Cam Outdoor has been available for years, and while the brand has developed other versions, this one is under $200.

Google has been at the forefront of making easy-to-use security cameras for the average person. So although it’s not as complicated to use as those found in, let’s say, the Louvre Museum, it’ll make you feel like you’re the Mona Lisa.

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I’m not sure if it’s because there’s too much Law & Order: SVU in my life, but I’m constantly aware of my surroundings. When my fiancé and I moved into our new home this past April, we knew we wanted to get a security system for some peace of mind. The Google Nest Cam Outdoor, however, has taken that feeling of safety up another notch.

It’s one thing to be able to hear an alarm to indicate that something is happening outside, but it’s another to be able to see and interact with it. Once you set up the user-friendly Google camera (probably above your front or back door), it’ll begin recording when it detects motion or sound. It links to the Nest app on your phone, so you can get notifications when it senses activity outside of your home, and you can even check in on the camera’s live view. Not only that, but the app even allows you to talk to whomever is outside of your door.

Google Nest Cam Outdoor

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