The Most Gift-Worthy Valentine’s Day Candy for Your Sweetie

Classic chocolate boxes tend to steal the show on Valentine’s Day, but it’s time to give other candy varieties some of the limelight, too! From gummies to chocolate variety packs, these tasty Valentine’s Day candy choices are guaranteed to satisfy any sweetheart’s sweet tooth. Just remember … sharing is caring!

Mars Chocolate Mini Valentine’s Day Candy Mix

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Chocolate and Valentine’s Day go hand-in-hand, so naturally we had to include a tasty chocolate variety pack in this list. This mixed bag of chocolatey treats from Mars is filled with crowdpleasers like mini Twix, Snickers, and Milky Way.




Dove Chocolate Promises Valentine’s Day Hearts

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These Promises from Dove include a mixture of both dark and milk chocolate, and are perfect for adding to the office candy dish, giving out to loved ones, or stashing in your desk drawer.




Brach’s Tiny Conversation Hearts Candy

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You really can’t beat the classics, and these cheeky conversation hearts will take you right back to elementary school nostalgia. Now you’ll just have to muster up the courage to finally ask out your dreamy crush!




Wonka Fun Dip Valentine Card & Candy Kit

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Sweet, sugary, and just slightly sour, these fun color-changing Fun Dips come individually packaged in 24 card pouches — the perfect treat for your little one to give to friends at school.




Peeps Valentine’s Day Marshmallow Hearts

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Another delicious Valentine’s Day treat, these oversized pink marshmallow hearts are an adorably sweet upgrade to the classic Peeps we all know and love.