The Snow Toys That Will Turn Your Backyard Into a Winter Wonderland of Fun

There are few things in nature that’ll put a sparkle in your kid’s eyes like waking up to a yard blanketed in snow. Whether it’s the first snowfall of the season, or you’re working on the third school cancellation causing blizzard, there’s something endlessly magical about seeing piles of melty, mushy snow. Instead of staying cooped-up indoors all day, send your kiddos out into their personal winter wonderland with these fun toys. From sleds to snow scooters, these are our favorite snow toys!



A-DUDU Snow Tube

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When the snowfall is fresh and the school has called to cancel classes, the first thing on your kid’s mind is jumping into the heaps of white fluff outside. The A-DUDU Snow Tube is the wintertime toy that will take their snow day to the next level. Your little snow bunny will be skiing like a pro down the tiny slopes in the backyard. Made of high-quality PVC, this will be your family’s go-to tube every chilly season!



Ideal Sno-Brick Maker

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Whether your tot wants to build their very own igloo or needs a snow fort to protect them during a snowball fight, the Sno-Brick Maker is a must have tool. Instead of plopping together oblong-shaped snow piles, this handy rectangular box creates the perfect snow bricks. Once the bricks are created, they can be stacked to create a basically impenetrable snow fortress.



Color My Worlds Sand and Snow

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Coloring Kitddo’s canvas to create a beautiful work of art using the Color My Worlds Snow Coloring Kit. The 14-piece set comes with color tabs, spray bottles, a brick maker, and a carrying case. Simply add the color tabs to water inside of the bottles and spray any snow creation to add a boost of hue. Who says your snowman can’t be blue?!



Zipfy Classic Freestyle Snow Sled

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Your kids will be zipping and zooming down snow-covered hills with the Zipfy Classic Freestyle Snow Sled. The basic design makes sledding accessible for everyone in your family, from your tiny toddlers to your ambitious big kids! With a skid-preventing seat, safety will be the least of your concerns. The steering stick makes maneuvering super simple — just use your own body weight to go left or right. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting to hop on for a ride!



Airhead Monsta Trax Kids Snowshoe

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Is that the Abominable Snowman or just your kiddo in Airhead Monsta Trax Kids Snowshoes?! Slip these faux clawed feet over your kiddo’s snow boots, and that’s it! You’ll have your very own snowbound monster on your hands.