These Balance Boards Will Take Your Ab Workouts to the Next Level

Balance boards are a great multipurpose tool that can help improve core strength, balance, and overall fitness. Whether you’re looking to feel more sure-footed in your daily routine, you’re recuperating from an injury, or you’re trying to intensify your existing workout by engaging more muscles during basic exercises, a balance board will deliver results. Some models are even made specifically for surfers, skaters, wakeboarders, and snowboarders looking to develop their skills in the chillier off-season.


Indo Board Original Balance Board

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This vibrant board is ideal for balance training, tricks, and of course, working toward overall fitness goals. Artist Drew Brophy created the yin-yang artwork on the board that brings a more inspired vibe to your average workout session.



URBNFit Balance Board

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This solid-wood balance board features an anti-skid surface so you can keep it steady even while you’re working up a sweat. Perfect for controlled arm exercises, strengthening your lower back muscles, and balance challenges, this board is small enough to take on vacation or into the office easily



Bosu Balance Trainer

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This balance trainer isn’t the typical balance board, but it’s an extremely effective and versatile tool.
Flip it over so the flat, hard surface is on the top and you can stand on it just as you would stand on a balance board. You can also flip it back over so the rubbery part is facing up, and you can hop on and condition some of your favorite yoga poses — or get down on the ground and practice some pushups for added resistance and muscle stabilization.This super popular fitness product has more than 1,000 raving amazon reviews.



Revolution FIT 3-in-1 Balance Board Training System

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This balance board training system is the only one that will do for intermediate (and advanced) tricksters. The board presents a challenge that a beginner will totally wipe out on: It comes with not only a roller to balance on, but a rocker piece and an air cushion to wobble on. Plus, the set includes an exercise guide to make sure your moves are spot on.
After practicing tricks with this board, your body control will be completely on point. Since this device is shaped like a skateboard, you’ll nail conditioning for your ollies, kick flips, and beyond.



Fitterfirst Combo Balance Board

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Improve balance and stability with this board, which is ideal for anyone who’s new to balance training or looking to ease into rehab for an ankle or ACL injury. It can be easily adjusted between different angles and directions based on your level of balance and skill, making it great for beginners to improve their range of motion.