These Beach Glasses Float in The Water and Can Stand Up In The Sand

The chances of you spending much of the summer outdoors are as high as you going to brunch on Sundays. There’s a 98% chance it’s going to happen. The Beach Glass will be a lifesaver when a table isn’t nearby, aka on the beach, in the pool, or tanning in the backyard.

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The genius cup is shaped like a wine glass, but instead of a flat bottom to balance your drink, the stem goes straight down. That way, you can stab the glass into sand or grass, and the patented ball-and-stem design allows it to float in water without tipping.

You can get a glass or pack of two on Amazon Prime. It comes in various colors, including teal, pink, green, and clear, and is made of dishwasher-safe high-quality acrylic. We bet this 12-ounce glass will be your new summertime buddy, no matter what you’re sipping on!

“I have used this type of glass that belonged to friends for several summers and like it so much that my daughter and I decided we need our own,” one buyer wrote. “Keeps your wine handy without spilling.”