These Beats Headphones Dupes Are 30% Off Today

If you’re still unsure about purchasing the gadget, here are some features that set the Soundcore headphones apart from other options on the market. The high-res sound lets you cancel background noises in order to ensure excellent sound quality.

Obviously, the noise inside your home is not as loud as the sounds you hear once you step outside. Honking, car radios, and kids playing outdoors can put a damper on your listening experience, which is why Soundcore’s noise cancellation modes let you choose the level of cancellation you need, depending on your environment.

Soundcore’s headphones are great for work and play. Say goodbye to asking your coworkers, “Can you hear me?” They’ll hear your every word due to the enhanced voice pick-up. The headphones also don’t need to be charged often — you can listen for up to 40 hours in noise-cancellation mode and 60 hours in standard mode. When you do need to plug them in, you can get four hours of listening time from a 5-minute charge. See? We told you these Soundcores are the equivalent of headphone gold. Oh, and if you order today, you’ll have them by Valentine’s Day.

Soundcore Noise Cancelling Headphones