These Cheese Boards Are the Best Part of Any Party

Whether you’re hosting a wine and cheese night or serving up charcuterie as a pre-dinner nosh, you’ll want to have a cheese board on hand for the occasion. Which cheese board is the best, you ask? It really depends on your personal preference and how you intend to use it.

A bigger size is definitely better for parties and for displaying a variety of small bites, while smaller cheese boards that are under a foot long are better served for a one-or-two-person snack. The cheese board’s material can vary as well — the picks on our list are made of slate, marble, and wood. Wood is usually the easiest to clean, while slate and marble have a naturally cool-to-the-touch feel that helps the food on the platter stay chilled for longer. Just keep in mind that all of these materials are hand-wash-only.

Without further ado, here are 14 cheese boards that provide a super cool and convenient surface for whatever’s on the menu!

1. Home Perspective Large Slate Cheese Board Set
This slate cheese board is a sizable 20 by 14 inches, making it truly party-sized. The slab feels and also looks cool, complete with a roughened edge for a rustic touch. The piece comes with a set of stainless steel cutlery, along with soapstone chalk, for further assembling ease.    Buy Now

2. VonShef Bamboo Fold-Out Cheese Board Set
With this clever cheese board, you can choose whether you want just a wedge or the entire wheel! Made of bamboo, this circular swiveling set folds out to a 13-inch diameter, and the graduated platforms are perfect for those who don’t want their meats and cheeses to touch! Three cheese knives are hidden inside of the smallest section, making this piece totally picnic-ready.     Buy Now

3. Crate & Barrel Carson Cheese Board
This elongated acacia-wood cheese board gives you ample space to work with, but how you fill it is completely up to you. Whether you prefer a fresh-to-funky cheese flight, a selection of dried fruits and meats, or just want to keep it simple with breads and spreads, its 3-foot length ensures there’s plenty to go around!       Buy Now

4. Picnic at Ascot Selva Slate Cheese Board
You’ve curated the perfect selection of delicious, obscure cheeses — give them a proper intro to the party with this round slate cheese board. The tray includes two soapstone pencils for identifying your cheeses, whether you’ve put out personal favorites or the cheesemonger’s choice.    Buy Now