These Cooling Boxer Briefs Will Keep the Family Jewels From Sweating

I’m going to be honest — I do not have the male anatomy, so I’m not familiar with what it feels like to have sweating balls. However, in the name of journalism, I consulted my boyfriend, and he confirmed that it’s a real problem that guys have in the summer months. So it should come as good news that there are cooling boxers that will keep the family jewels from succumbing to the heat.

The company Snowballs created Cooling Underwear for Men. Pop the inserts into the freezer for an hour, and they’ll keep you cool for at least a half hour. The boxer briefs have a pocket in the front where you put the cooling inserts, called SnowWedges, and ta-da! Your testicles are about as cool as they’re going to get in a heatwave.

You can get the Snowballs Cooling Underwear for Men on Amazon for $59. One order includes two pairs of boxer-briefs and three SnowWedges, so you always have a fresh pair ready to go when temperatures rise. Just select small, medium, large, extra-large, or extra-extra-large and add to cart!

Out of 17 reviews on Amazon, the cooling underwear has an average of 3.4 out of 5 stars. A common complaint seems to be that the boxer briefs run a bit small, so take that into consideration when ordering.

Snowball Cooling Boxers (2 Boxer-Briefs and 3 SnowWedges)

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The Snowballs underwear actually wasn’t created for those sweaty summer months. It was designed to improve male fertility and testosterone, and help relieve scrotal pain. That’s why your order comes with a booklet called A Gentleman’s Guide to Cooling, to help maximize the chances of conceiving.

So whether you’re looking to improve changes for fertility or just have sweaty balls in the summer, why not give this cooling underwear a try?