These Metal Chickens Upgrade Your Front Lawn

The chickens come in a set of five, each with the animal in a different position, and have prongs to stick in the ground. The dark metal has one spot of color with the red comb. The handmade pieces range from about 19.5 to almost 22 inches tall, so they’ll certainly make an impact on your front lawn, in your garden, or wherever you need to farmer’s touch.

“A great set of lawn ornaments! Sturdy, and the red bits help the chickens pop. Would recommend!” one buyer wrote. “The chickens came quickly. They were well packed, individually wrapped, protected with foam, in thick cardboard box. They are nicely finished. I’m now waiting for spring to put them out,” wrote another.

According to the shop, the metal chickens are in stock and ship on the same day you order, for free. The owner is also available to do custom work, so whether you want the chickens to look slightly different or you have a whole other design in mind, let your creativity wander for a one-of-a-kind set.

Metal Chicken Art