This $8 Sink Strainer Makes It Easier to Do Dishes

For the past decade, I’ve lived with and mostly ignored a basic stainless steel basket strainer in my kitchen sink. It often rolled around the base of the sink because it didn’t fit the drain quite right, and setting it in its proper place would usually lead to water getting backed up in the sink. Having the strainer out of the drain, of course, prevents it from doing its job: keeping food bits out of your plumbing.

When I was able to fiddle with it so that water could flow and straining could happen, I’d be left with the task of loudly smacking it against the inside of my trash can to dump out the food particles and inevitably scooping out wet spinach with my (rubber-gloved) hands. Ew.

OXO’s Silicone Drain Protector, however, sits at the top of my drain and stays put with no issue. While I hand-wash dishes, food bits collect in the silicone basket and (in most cases) water continues to flow around it.

When I’m done, I bring it over to the trash can, invert it with the center handle, and watch the food fly off. Occasionally there’s a stray crumb that will require a second flip, but I’m mostly spared from touching mushy scrambled eggs.

This silicone basket makes it easier to keep things clean compared with my old stainless steel one. And though I rarely need to fill up my sink with water, OXO does make a version of the strainer with a stopper for only $2 more. When you don’t have a garbage disposal, keeping debris out of your pipes is the key to keeping drains functional and odor-free.

I’ve accepted the Zen art of washing dishes, but I’m happy to be canceling smelly drain culture with OXO’s subtly ingenious silicone strainer!

OXO Good Grips Silicone Sink Straine

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