This Affordable Door Strap Has Been a Saving Grace Against My Destructive Dog

Problem: My anxious puppy has the tendency to destroy things when I’m away.

Solution: The Door Buddy is a semi-permanent adjustable strap and latch system that mounts to the door and door frame to keep dogs out of rooms you don’t want them in. And it’s been a God-send.

When I adopted a 6-month old German shepherd named Mika, who went through a bit of a destructive phase. I knew owning a puppy would be a lot of work, but I didn’t expect it to cost me so much.

Time and time again I would come home to a mess. Mostly it was ripped-up pages from books or knocked down decorations, but sometimes it was much worse: chewed-up headphones, torn bedding, a half-eaten Sperry Topsider shoe that warranted a visit to the vet.

I tried and failed at crate training. Their cries were heartbreaking and their loud yelps probably made my neighbors hate me. So, I turned to Amazon and stumbled upon the Door Buddy. It’s a door latch with a design similar to a lock on a hotel door, except it’s made from fabric and plastic instead of metal. It’s the perfect solution for keeping dogs out of rooms you don’t want them in.

The Door Buddy is incredibly easy to install. It uses a robust 3M adhesive pad that bonds to any surface but can still be removed without damaging the door frame — which makes it perfect for renters like me. I’ve been using them for 6 months now and they’re still holding strong — and my pups haven’t been able to break into the bedroom or utility room.

Another appeal to the Door Buddy is that it has an adjustable strap. You can keep any door open as wide as necessary so cats can easily slip in and out of the room to get their food or access the litter box as often as they want, while still being narrow enough so larger dogs or children can’t get in the room.

Although Mika has officially grown out of her destructive puppy phase, I wholeheartedly recommend the Door Buddy.

Door Buddy Adjustable Door Strap

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