This Beach Chair Is Also a Wagon That Makes Beach Trips Easier

Preparing for a beach trip can feel like more trouble than it’s worth. Between beach toys, towels, and a cooler, getting to the sand can seem like a never-ending effort. Mac Sports is taking two of the biggest items and combining them into one genius product. The Beach Day Lounger is a beach chair and wagon in one — to make getting from point A to B a whole lot easier.

Start by putting the lounger in the cart form, load up everything you need for some fun in the sun, and use the two large wheels and handle to move it through the sand. Then, once you unload everything (it can hold up to 100 pounds!), you can turn it into a beach chair with a headrest pillow and four-position adjustable back. The chair holds 225 pounds and is made of a 600 denier polyester fabric.

“What has fat wheels, can tote a load of gear smoothly across sand, serves as a comfy lounge chair (complete with pillow), and folds flat for storage? The Mac Sports Beach Day Lounger!” the description says.

Mac Sports Beach Day Lounger

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The Mac Sports Beach Day Lounger is available on Amazon for $99.99 with free shipping. It comes in royal blue and teal. It weighs 22.8 pounds for easy rolling.

“LOVE LOVE LOVE this chair/cart,” one buyer said. “It is very easy to convert from chair to cart and rolls easily in the sand. It fits everything you need to take to the beach. The only downside is that it doesn’t recline flat.”