This Beard-Grooming Kit Is Better (and Way Cheaper) Than a Barber

I look back at my early years in the beard game and shudder at the thoughts. Long story short: For a good few years, I was walking around with a patchy semblance of a beard; wiry hairs growing in random patches across my chinny-chin-chin. It was terrible. I’d see other bearded men — I’m not even talking the Clooneys of the world, but everyday hipsters of Brooklyn — walking around with full, beautiful scruffiness and would think, “What the hell am I doing wrong?”

Then, along with all the trend articles about beards (like this one about beard transplants!?) came the litany of beard-grooming articles. And that’s when I discovered beard-grooming products like oils and beard balms, which can help the health, texture, and appearance of beards in need.

In the ensuing half-dozen or so years, I’ve been like the Goldilocks of beard-grooming supplies. Because here’s another truth bomb: A lot of beard-care kits suck! Some balms, for instance, are extremely oily, leaving a greasy residue in your beard that continuously rubs off all day. Others are more like a fleeting thought, seemingly gone before you finish massaging it in, leaving you with a dry and unmoored beard.

Well, that’s certainly not the case with this Isner Mile Beard Care kit. It comes with everything you need to take your beard from Hagrid to Zeus.

First up: The beard wash and beard conditioner. These are two product categories that, prior to discovering Isner Mile, I had never tried before. But, let me tell you … not only do the suds-filled formulas feel amazing while in the shower, but they both combine to work wonders on a beard. One week into using the beard wash and beard conditioner, my beard was about 50 times softer, and about 100 times more badass.

My favorite part of the kit, though, is the balm. Like I said before, a lot of balms can be super oily. That means not only a day filled with bearded greasiness, but also zero hold when styling your beard, leaving you meandering into Castaway status. Cool for actors and, let’s say, vikings; not so cool for the everyday office worker.

And the kit also comes with a great comb, which helps spread the balm and oil through the beard while helping you keep it looking nice and neat. Oh, and if you’re never felt the soothing feeling of brushing your beard, you have not lived!

With that thought, let me bring this to a conclusion: My beard is softer, fuller, and looks a hell of a lot more dapper since I’ve been using the Isner Mile beard kit. So if you, or someone you hold dear (say, your dad, since it is Father’s Day season after all), has a beard, this grooming kit is vital for a beard (and life) fully realized.

Plus, it’s way cheaper than going to the barber to keep it looking fresh.

Inser Mile Beard Care Kit

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