This Bowl Keeps Your Dog’s Water Cold Through the Summer Heat

You put ice in your drink when you need a cool sip, right? Well your pup needs something refreshing in the summer, too! The Cool Pup Cooling Pet Bowl is just the thing to keep your dog’s water chilled.

The bowl comes in two pieces — a clear bottom with a blue insert. That insert is the key for keeping the water cold. It’s filled with a gel-like material that, when popped in the freezer for a few hours, freezes and cools the water.

One buyer said: “I was amazed after putting the insert in the freezer for a few hours that the water stayed cold and the insert was still cold when it was time to refill. This will be a perfect solution for those hot summer nights. The bowl is also very sleek looking and made very well.”

Some dogs love the outdoors and others aren’t huge on it. But no matter your dog’s preference, they absolutely need cool water in the summer, especially when they’re hanging outdoors. We’re sure they’ll thank you for this cooling bowl with lots of cuddles.

Cool Pup Cooling Pet Bowl

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